When Nice Neighbors Strike

I had a plan this past weekend. On Friday, which I had off, I finally woke well-rested and spent the day preparing the yard for the winter by getting the pots inside, doing some last mowing and mulching, bagging leaves, packing away the patio furniture, etc. Harlow was very helpful…


Also on my list was to leaf blow all the leaves from the front of the house, sidewalk and stairs into the car port so I could pick them up, but by the end of the day I’d bagged around 8 leaf bags and I was pretty done (I think my record was something like 20, but I was working with a cold, and now I just blow leaves into a part of the yard I don’t use anyway).

I planned on finishing that leaf clean-up on Sunday after breakfast with my parents, brother and SIL, but breakfast was long, lazy, fun and relaxing and I didn’t get home until 3PM, at which point I was DYING to have a stressful and unpleasant photo shoot with Harlow while she was still clean form the morning bath and before it got dark (see previous entry to learn how fun it wasn’t).

When I returned home late Monday morning from a doctor’s appointment, I found this…


I was grateful but confused. Who did it? My snow-blowing neighbor still had leaves all over his yard so I knew it wasn’t him. I felt a bit guilty. Like I’d passive aggressively forced a stranger to cleaning up my leafy mess. I had to get to work, so cleaning them from the street wasn’t an option at the time.

When I came home from work, they were all gone. It’s appreciated but now I don’t know who the Thank You Cookies should go to.

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