My Photos Are Everywhere and Now I’m Famous

Well, that title might be a slight exaggeration, but cut me some slack, I’m kind of excited. BuzzFeed, which is a website known for ingestible news nuggets, humorous articles and Lists About Whatever posted 22 Signs You Know You Went To BU.  Photos 7 and 20 are mine. So weird!

Next to the 22 Signs “article” was a little thumbnail photo in the margin about Amy Schumer confirming that she’s dating someone new. Sucker for good clickbait, I took a look. As I read the name Chris Fischer, I thought nothing of it. Then I saw mention of The Beetlebung Farm Cookbook and the record in my head scratched under the needle. Wait a minute…Holy Moly! I photographed that guy!

At the bottom of the story, Chris is quoted, and the story links to our story in BU Today with MY PICTURES!

You guys! I was (sort of) published in CNN online! According to Shannon, this pretty much means I’m friends with Amy Schumer now. I learned from a colleague that this story in the Globe links to us too.

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