This is Not Hip

I got the results back from my arthroscopy last night. It was mostly a bunch of long words, but this part is what mattered-


I’m no genius, and I don’t see the doctor at Mass General for a few weeks, but it’s looking like surgery for me according to the interwebs. Of course I googled it and from what I’ve learned, it’s a six-week recovery. Well, no driving for six weeks. I don’t know how long it will be before I can actually work again.

Here’s an explanation of a labral tear, cause I know you’re wondering…

A hip labral tear, also known as an acetabular labral tear, is a tear in the seal (labrum) that normally cushions the hip joint and provides joint stability and support. The labrum lines the rim of the hip socket (acetabulum). It acts as a cushion to offer extra support to the hip, reduce friction in the joint and distribute force evenly across the articular surface (cartilage).

I woke at 5:30 this morning stressing about it. Enjoying just laying in bed and being able to roll around as I please (the pain comes in spurts and often only when I move my leg in a certain way). I can hop up and go to the bathroom on my own if I want!  I know this will not be the case after the surgery. I am not looking forward to having to depend on others. I’m not looking forward to the pain factor and the seeming inability for pain meds to be helpful at all for me.
Can I recover in my own home? What do I do with the dog? If I stay with my parents how long will I need to do so (I mean, I love my parents, but I also love my own bed and my comfy couch in front of my big relaxing TV).  And then there’s my fear of death by pulmonary embolism as a result of a blood clot, but I’m getting ahead of myself I think.

I can’t fit in this surgery until after my college reunion at the end of May. While I would very much like to get it done and out-of-the-way, I also thought it will be good to have some time to learn some exercises to strengthen my body in preparation for surgery.

I’ll starts crunched and push-ups tomorrow.


a recent doodle painting

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