Florida Trip 2018

This year’s annual trip pilgrimage to Florida was a great one! I arrived on Thursday night and enjoyed five full days in the sun, taking a break from the northern cold and catching up with friends. It is really nice to go to a place that was once your home. It makes it so much more personal when visiting. The fact that I can show up at Libby’s and basically act like I live there doesn’t hurt either.

Sporting some cool shades while on a shopping spree Friday

This year, Shannon and I did our street art for the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival based on a Oaxaca Mexican wood carving. When Shannon and I met early Saturday morning in Lake Worth for the artists’ check in, we could tell that this was going to be a brutally hot day because it was early still and already blazing out.
We were placed in a more prominent spot this year. We had full sun on us from the start, and were located at the end of one major street called Lake Ave. We did get some breeze from the ocean.

Sunblock was re-applied often, and I even removed myself from our sunny spot occasionally to go sit in the shade for a beat since I was getting light-headed occasionally.

The end result was lovely, despite the excessive heat and we did manage to get to TooJay’s for our annual victory lunch, although I confess that I felt so miserable from the heat, and my ears were sort of ringing so much that I didn’t get to enjoy the nice company as much as I would have liked. Shannon and I both joked later on about really just wanting to glaze-over while eating our meals (we had a very nice friend trying to partake in conversation)

(click to enlarge below)

The next morning, as always, I woke in an immense amount of pain from crouching, kneeling and climbing around on the concrete the morning before. I always find this hobbling a bit comical, (and a reminder of my lack of being in shape).

On Monday, Libby and I checked off a Bucket List item! Libby took me to go horseback riding on the beach and it was so fun! I could add butt pain to my list of  body aches, but it was worth it!


On Monday night, my last night in Florida, I was walking from the kitchen to the dining area when I caught my toe on one of their kitchen bar stools. It hurt like blazes, and when I woke early Tuesday morning from a surprisingly great night’s sleep and found my toe was a lovely purple hue. I went to an emergency clinic where they confirmed that it was in fact broken.
The doctor there told me I’d be able to walk on it with a post-op shoe, which prevents the foot from bending, “You can find one at a pharmacy because we only have these” said the assistant as she held up a far too small shoe in one hand, and in the other, a shoe that could moonlight as a barge.
I hobbled to a CVS (boy it hurt to walk in my sandals!) and the pharmacist informed me, like I was a dummy, “You need to go to a medical supply store for that”
Well, I guess I was misinformed.
Fortunately I was in The Land of The Well Advanced in Years (a lot of old people come to FL), so a medical supply store was an easy three-minute drive away. Wearing the post-op shoe helped quite a bit. It hurts to walk, but it’s far less painful than with a regular shoe


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Harlow was unimpressed with my injury when I got home




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