Ran into Chloe

I was getting a sandwich for lunch today and spotted Chloe, a freshman on the Dance Team, studying. She spotted me, lifted her head from her papers and books and laptop, pulled the buds out of her ears and gave me a big friendly smile and a big hello.

“How is it going now that it’s all over?” I asked, knowing her dance season had come to a close last week at nationals. She told me it was really weird, and that she had a ton of work to make up. I noticed she’d gotten a haircut, “Yeah, Locro did too!” she said. I wondered if they waited to cut their hair until the season was over, as though in a theater production. No major changes!

“Is it strange to not have practice every night?” I asked. It was! She told me “Although a group of girls went over to Case Gym to just hang out and dance around last night. I couldn’t because I was studying. They’re going again tonight but I have to study tonight, too”

I wished her good luck on all the work she had to do, and told her I missed them all. “I know! We didn’t even get to say goodbye!” she said

Which is true. When I left Daytona, I just sort of left. Kind of like I do at parties. I just kind of disappear. I did chat with about six of the girls as they realaxed by the pool after everything was over and done, and I was able to tell them I’d see them around campus.

I’m actually really happy I will likely keep seeing them all around campus!

Editing the project has been stressful and in hindsight, I should have asked for more time. The writer needs the final selection of photos in order to write the story and with Patriot’s Day being a holiday for us, we lose a day of working. Which is fine unless you’re stressed with a deadline.

I have certain images that I really love, but have to be edit out because they don’t work with the flow of the story. I’ve grown attached with the dancers in the photos, and getting rid of certain images sort of hurts, but it is nessesary. At the moment, I’m not please with how it all looks, and I’m hoping a final editing session tomorrow will help it feel better to me.

One Reply to “Ran into Chloe”

  1. I know that feeling…you have your head down for a long time on a big project, and you know that it’s good…but late at night…just before going to bed…you look at it again and all you can see is the items you gave up for the “good of the project”…and they begin to haunt you…”It’s not quite right”.Too tired to go back at it…you go to bed and hope that it will look better to you in the morning.

    Like magic…the morning comes and the project looks pretty darned good, just needed the sleep to see it clearly and get some perspective. Sometimes it needs a change and sometimes it doesn’t…but it falls into place and you know it is right.

    At least…that is how it goes with me!


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