Patriot’s Day

Today is Patriots’ Day. Wondering about it’s origin, I did a little google search the other day and found this – Patriot’s Day (or Patriots’ Day) commemorates the battles of Lexington and Concord, which were fought near Boston in 1775.

As I read on I was taken back to a very nice memory. When I was somewhere between age 8 and 11, I spent the night at my late cousin Susan’s apartment. She made me macaroni and cheese for dinner and we made chocolate chip cookies together. This was something we did a lot. In fact, I credit her for me being able to practically make Tollhouse cookie batter from memory.

Very early the next morning, she woke me at a god-awful hour (5am?) and we went to Concord to watch the reenactment of the Paul Revere ride in addition to, if memory serves, a battle reenactment as well.

Isn’t it funny that I have no memory of what we did after that on that day? Still, I smiled to have this memory come back to me when I looked up the origin of Patriots’ Day.

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