Cutting Room Floor

I’ve been sharing some photos on my Instagram account (linked in the sidebar at right) and I thought I’d share those photos here, too. I’m not sure I actually should or can, because it’s BU property technically, but I’ll try anyway and if someone has an issue, I’ll just take it down.

I’ve decided to do a little series called “Cutting Room Floor” where I share photos from the dance team’s season that didn’t make it into the story. There are a lot of moments I love and wish could be shared, so I’m just going to share them.

Here’s Part 1 if you haven’t seen it yet!

Just today I was at one of my 47 assignments that I had before 12 noon (It’s been an unusually rough week). It was for the announcement of the arrival of the new head coach for BU women’s basketball. As I entered the space before the event began, I saw that members of the pep band were lined up along the entrance so the new coach could come in with much pomp and circumstance.

I heard a flatteringly excited “Cydney!” and then realized once I got out of the fog of my own head that about a third of the dance team was lining the entrance as well, donned in their basketball game gear and holding sparkly pom poms. I was SO EXCITED to see them. I hugged Masse who I spotted first, and then went to go down the line with high fives (since I didn’t know how close we were to start time, I thought I should be quick) then I thought better and said “Nope, you know what? It’s happening. I’m hugging all of you” and I did. Went right down the line and got beaming smiles and hugs in return. This made me really happy because my relationship with them up to now has been only professional. It continues to be, of course, but it was nice to relax a bit in the moment.

I love running into them on campus!
Also, a READER’S WARNING, if you’re sick of hearing about them you may want to take a break from visiting the site since I may yammer on for a little while. Part 2 comes out tomorrow and I’m riding the wave.

Here’s a few from the Cutting Room Floor. As always, there are for looking, not touching! Don’t get me fired by taking these photos or sharing them elsewhere. 

Sam takes performance notes from cocaptain Jackie, right, during practice before the Showcase on March 25, 2018 in Case Gym. The members of the team are experts at coaching one another in order to improve their performance.


The team pushes through a particularly tough practice. The photo of them catching their breath during this practice can be found in Part 1. 


One Reply to “Cutting Room Floor”

  1. Thank you for telling this story! I LOVED reading it! I have been fortunate to have similar experiences like this in my life and my heart swelled to read yours!
    I am so proud of your work and this series is one of your very best (with the added benefit of these wonderful stories that follow)!


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