More From The Cutting Room Floor

These photos were shared in my Instagram over the last few days. The first included the explanation Now that my project following the BU Dance Team team through to Nationals is complete, I’m going to spent some days sharing some photos that didn’t make the final cut, but I like and want to share.

While the team’s real passion is dance and competing nationally, their “day job” (my words, not theirs) is as BU ambassadors at athletic, charitable, and University events, including basketball games, where they cheer on the team and perform during the breaks in the game.


I love this quiet moment between two friends. Just chatting away during a Dance Team warm-up at practice while stretching in ways only a dancer can.

Sam and Tiina

Before the annual fundraising Dance Showcase in late March, the @ Dance Team runs through a visualization of their team dance performance in Case Gym.18-1165-DANCEJ-036


Team meetings were frequent. The dancers would record notes from the coaches, and then apply what was discussed.


At the end of a long night of practicing in Daytona Beach during Nationals, Tiina is greeted by her mom, Claire, while on her way to her hotel room for the night. “I only get to see her about 2-3 times a year,” Tiina said later, “so it was so nice having her there. I think she knew I would be getting out of practice soon, so she was waiting around a little bit to say goodnight quickly and wish me luck at finals the next morning!” 18-1313-BUDT-230


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