The Last of the Cutting Room Floor

For health reasons, Elle had to sit this season out. When I think of Elle, Shakespeare’s “though she be but little, she is fierce” comes to mind. Surely she was disappointed to not dance at Nationals, but I watched her stand with her teammates, support them, encourage them. She is an excellent pep-talker. Excellent sideline coach. I believe in this first shot, she is yelling “HOW BADLY DO YOU WANT IT!?” to her team mates during practice. In the second one, she is third from right, sitting among the coaches, mirroring her teammates in encouragement, pushing them as they do another run through prior to performing their hip hop routine in the final round in Daytona. I had a to share a few pics of her, because while she is in the story, the images I have of her do not depict all that I saw.


Final share from this story (there’s always more but you gotta stop sometime!) The BU Dance Team waits for the light to turn to cross the street on their way to compete in the finals in the hip hop category in Daytona Beach. For a while I couldn’t figure out why I liked this photo, then it hit me; most in this shot are doing what we humans do, we look at our phones, we talk to each other, we watch the traffic. But not Sam! Sam’s lookin’ up!

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