Funny Memes

I’ve been feeling pretty blue lately.

I’m part of this walking team here at BU and we’re currently in first place out of over 100 teams in this campus-wide walking challenge. Everyone on the team got a fitbit and I wasn’t really consciously participating. When I joined the team, I said “I can average 8,000 steps a day”, so that’s what I’ve been averaging. It turns out my teammates (everyone accumulates their steps on their own – no group walking) are accumulating WAY more. When I actually looked into the results online for the first time at the halfway mark of the competition, I found myself at the absolute bottom of the group, something like 10k steps behind the other lowest person. I realized, well, I can do better for my team, and 10k isn’t so hard to catch up on.

The next day, I was 60k behind the next person (they likely hadn’t updated their stats in a while). I am not a competitive person. In fact, when challenged, I tend to shut down. I’m not shutting down here, but I sure don’t need this to help me feel crappy about myself. And it does sort fo make me feel bad. Are my teammates talking about me? Typically I don’t care but I actually like being a helpful person, and being so far beind makes me feel the opposite.

Between not sticking to my diet, hearing my doctor in the back of my mind tell me I should be eating less carbs (even though my sugars are better than they’ve ever been –  carbs = more insulin use = more fat storage), and not having a dating life to speak of, well, I don’t know. I’m not feeling great. I’m also bored.

But these memes made me laugh today. On the T1 Facebook page group, someone asked that people post their favorite diabetic memes, so I’m sharing them here with an explanation about why they are so funny…


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