Chalk It Up!

A few months back, Shannon caught wind of a chalk drawing event taking place at Springfield Museums here in MA. Chalk It Up! would be the first event of its kind there. They were accepting applications and artists would actually be paid!

Shannon and I decided to revive our happy stained glass elephant from 2012, with some modifications).

Once we were accepted, we collected up the leftover pastels given to us while at the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival over the years, and met in Springfield on a beautiful Saturday morning. I was armed with water and knee pads, a long sleeve shirt and a hat to protect from the sun, and of course snacks. But we didn’t need them since we realized upon arrival that we are not in Florida anymore, Toto! and the weather was not the steamy tropical heat we are used to working in. In addition, the chalk space was tiny.

Our pastels made for vibrant, rich color which no one else seemed to have. All the other artists used kids’ sidewalk chalk which really surprised us, especially considering we were being paid. We also wondered if it would stain the granite we were working on. Well see if next year they make a rule about the type of chalk people can use.

A quick drawing, a jaunt through a few of the museums, and a nice meal at an indian joint and I was headed back home. A very nice day!

(click to enlarge)


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