I Have a Little!

I’m very excited to report that I have been assigned a Little in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program and she is awesome! I met her last night for the first time and she seems bright and inquisitive.

During our Get To Know You stroll in her neighborhood, she told me that pauses in conversations make her squirm a bit. Teaching moment! I told her that of course I understood. It takes practice to become comfortable with pauses in conversation.

I was glad that she shared this thought out loud. I think even adults struggle with being quiet while in the company of others sometimes.

L is eight and a ballet dancer, and when her mom mentioned that she had a recital this weekend, I basically invited myself. L seemed pleased that I wanted to come however, so I don’t think I overstepped.

I was given a membership card to BBBS. While it looks like something I could have made with a pen and some cardstock (I think I’ll go have it laminated today so it lasts!), it apparently is a magic pass to all kind of cool things to do in the city. I’m looking forward to seeing what L and I can get into this summer.

2 Replies to “I Have a Little!”

  1. Hi Cydney,I‘m so exited to hear that you have a little one. You will be the best big sister ever! I look forward to hear more about her. Much love from your old godmother



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