Pizza and Scavenger Hunt

I was nervous about my first official outing with my Little Sister , L. I arrived in her neighborhood early, and stopped at the library to write up some scavenger hunt questions to challenge her with after pizza. A little tricky since the children’s room would be closed by the time we got there, but I made it work.

L and I walked from her place to a local pizza joint where we shared a pizza and talked a bit about things;how she loves Haitian food and I want her to introduce me to her favorite dish sometime, the book she just got called “Ivy and Bean”, what we think we might like to do together in the coming months, and basic, important things to know like what’s her favorite color (purple, and sometimes red), and her favorite food (pizza!). After making a small bucket list and over-indulging in pizza (which we both complained about later as we walked home with overfull bellies), we walked to the Malden Library where I took out my notebook and L read some scavenger hunt challenges I’d written for her.

  1. What animals are hanging on the wall behind the check out counter?
  2. How many table lamps are there on the tables in the middle of the library?
  3. Find a book with a green dot on it, choose one on the third shelf. What is the title?

She enjoyed them and wanted a few more, so I came up with a few random ones, like “There’s a man in a striped shirt sitting in the lounge area of the library. Is he wearing glasses? Circle YES or NO.”

And she challenged me to choose which book she liked the look of most from a particular section. Once she gave me the clue of “flowers”, I had the secret key and could always pick out her favorite book on the shelf!


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