Celeb Chat and More

With nearly and hour to work and an hour back in my car, I have become a fan of podcasts.

One of my favorite podcasts, while sometimes intense, is Terrible, Thanks For Asking. The host, Nora McInerny Purmort, is an author, founder of Still Kickin, great interviewer, seemingly super decent person and also very funny. The podcast is about losing loved-ones and how we cope with those losses. My friend Shannon actually introduced me to it.


At the moment, TTFA is recording new shows and not airing them, so in the meantime, the host has been sharing podcasts that she has been a guest on. This is how I was introduced to Forever 35. It’s hosted by two women who talk about skin care. Skin care? Yes, among other things. Their guests come on and discuss their skin care routines and self-care habits (if you take baths, has it ever occurred to you to add a bit of coconut oil in for moisture? Just be careful when you get out because that’s a slip followed by a concussion or stitches just waiting to happen). The topic is a different one for me and it’s pretty entertaining. I also appreciate that the hosts recommend products that aren’t insanely expensive. I have shown some self-control and refrained from buying a ton of stuff (though I have added many to my Amazon Wish List!), but I’ll admit I am finding myself interested in taking better care of my skin now.

Another guest who came on Forever35 was Lauren Adams. Lauren is an actress on the show Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt, which I have to admit, lost me after the first season (nothing personal, Lauren!)* Lauren also has an Instagram account with the great name MaskingforTrouble on which she reviews facials masks. After hearing her on Forever35, I started following her on Instagram.

Well, today I was watching her Instagram Story (for those who don’t know, and Instagram Story is where you can make a series of little videos for people to watch which then disappear after 48 hours. And no, I do not know what the point of that is). In her story she was taking questions from viewers. As she answered questions, she kept rubbing her right eye. On a whim, I commented on the video, saying “I could make a drinking game out of your eye-rubbing. ; ) Leave your gorgeous eyes alone!”

Lauren is on the right

I have no idea why I made this comment. I guess everybody has crap to say (except guys on dating sites apparently ; ) and I’m no different.  She’s stunningly gorgeous and I meant what I said “Don’t hurt your eyes!”

A short time later I was on a walk, (listening to my Headspace meditation app) when I looked at my Instagram account and found that she’d responded to my comment! I’ve had a brush with fame, folks! She responded to my comment with “Hahaha. I just woke up. Such a bad habit!”

I almost responded by making referenceto the drinking game with Luke’s whining on Star Wars and say at least she’s not that bad, but because I’m not a psycho, I decided to simply wish her a good summer in response.


Oh and then one more thing. Dori told me about another podcast which I am thoroughly enjoying called By The Book. Two women read self-help books and follow it to the letter for two weeks and then report back on their experience. It’s pretty entertaining. I listened to the episode where they read Men are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, and was interested to hear that they felt it was just misogynistic baloney, to put it nicely. I never read the book myself, but I remember it was all the rage in the ’90s! Also, the author claims to be a PhD but is apparently not a PhD. So rude.

Other podcasts I listen to include…

*You may find it silly that I mentioned it’s “nothing personal”, but many years ago I posted about another podcast where the host’s voice was super sexy, and I wrote about how I was surprised to find him rather ordinary when I did a google search. The podcaster COMMENTED ON MY BLOG ENTRY. telling me hoped I’d keep listening even though he’s ordinary looking. So, I’m just covering my bases on the slim chance she reads this.

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