I had a long post about the shit-show surrounding the confirming of Judge Beer-Loving Lady-Raping Kavanaugh, but I deleted it because I don’t have the energy and it just pisses me off.

But I do need to take a break from deleting all the excessive emails I’m getting asking for money to the cause, and scrolling through endless stories about today’s nomination situation. I am at work, but there are lulls, people.

I’ll just put this here and then I’ll move on. I mean, this one sort of took my breath away…

Bruce MacKinnon’s editorial cartoon for Sept. 29, 2018. – Bruce MacKinnon


My first figure drawing class was last Thursday and I really enjoyed it. My classmates are really friendly and so far I like my instructor’s teaching style.  One might argue that drawing every day can make you better and that’s true, but when you have someone pointing out why your drawing looks like crap when you can’t put your finger on why, it’s really helpful.

So we did some in class and I’ve been doing some drawing at home too. Some of them I spend more time on, some are very quick, and some are blind contour drawings – where you don’t look at your paper and you focus on the contours of the subject by looks at it not as a body, but as lines and shadows and contours.

2 Replies to “Sketches”

  1. Your drawings look fantastic! It’s really impressive how well you draw hands especially since I think that’s the most difficult body part. I’m glad you have some positivity to hold onto to help get through this week


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