Paper, Puppies, Piglets

This is a round-up of sorts. I’ll be all over the place with this one.

My weekend was fine and included some time on the cape, for which I was grateful even though I felt out-of-sorts and wanted to burn it all down after recent events in my country.

I was worried about how Harlow would do with an 11-month-old puppy who was visiting with her owners who are friends of ours, but she did surprisingly fine. Most of the time she looked at the yipping, spazticly bouncing puppy with an expression of puzzlement, like What is the deal with the large wind-up toy?

I was happy to have her confusion and apprehension over her going wild and attacking the puppy, which was my concern considering she’s occasionally reactive to dogs she doesn’t know.

Hi, little puppy.

Prior to the cape, I had an outing with my Little. This week we went to Connors Farm which was great fun. Go Karts, a corn maze (which she wasn’t a fan of after about ten minutes of being “lost”), a zipline, various play structures, and on and on. There’s no shortage of stuff to do there.

Last night, once back home and with one weekday behind me, I was feeling sluggish (possibly because of current political events), when I ran into an acquaintance outside my grocery store, and she updated me by telling me her husband had just bought a really expensive car for himself, served her divorce papers, and then took off. There was no discussion, no warning.

I was, and am, gobsmacked. We never know what goes on in a relationship, and I don’t know this smart, interesting woman very well, but I was really angry for her.

Just another thing to contribute to my subtle feeling of hopelessness in the world and lack of faith in people.

Also, Here are so more drawings (I did mention I’d be all over the place)…

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