I’m Ain’t Sayin’ She’s a Hole Digger…

My neighbor has done some yard work which has created a much clearer view of the comings and goings both on the street and in the neighbor’s driveway. As you might imagine, this is something that thrills Harlow to no end!

She goes outside at night and stands at the fence for a very long time, just staring out onto the newly cleared view.

One night, she was out there for an unusually long time, and when she came inside unscathed I told myself I would go outside in the morning, in the light, to be sure there weren’t any dead animals or massive holes or whatever, left in her wake. She doesn’t typically kill animals, but that’s only because she can’t catch them.

In the morning I went outside and sure enough, found a strange, shallow hole in one of my little gardens. I wondered if it was her doing (my sweet dog? She wouldn’t do THAT!), and soon realized that while it wasn’t a deep hole, the paw marks were most decidedly coming from her paws.

I wondered what she was getting at though. I had planted some new bulbs a few weeks ago in that very spot and was nervous that she’s dug them up and eaten them until I realized that the “hole” was actually very shallow, and those bulbs had not been dug up.

I got a spade, and as I started to move the dirt she’d mounded back into the shallow hole, a rawhide emerged from the little hill.


(At this point, Harlow, who was watching me, became nervous and started subtly bouncing around me, saying in dog body-language Where are you going with that? What are you doing with that? But I buried it so well!  As she followed me, rawhide-in-hand, back to the house.)

When I told a coworker this story today, he said at this point, “It’s like she’s a cartoon dog! I didn’t even know dogs actually did that!”

Apparently they do. At least, mine does.

She also hates me, judging from her expression in these photos I took this morning while saying “I’ll just be really quick and then you get a special treat!”

And here are my drawings from last week’s class…

And also, I was Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg for my friend Lauren’s Halloween party last weekend. I bought the glasses online, found the robe at Goodwill, and made the collar out of felt, a stiff ribbon embelishment (that I trimmed) and puffy paint.

And there here are a few shots of Little a few weeks ago. We painted pumpkins, decorated cookies and rubbed Harlow’s belly. Harlow continues to be puzzled and unnerved by all the attention.

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