Having Hope

It’s been a weird week. I was out sick from work yesterday. I don’t think it’s a bug, but I didn’t feel right. Stress? I had a headache most nights this week which is unusual for me, and some on and off queasiness. I was disappointed to miss my White People Challenging Racism class Wednesday night, and then drawing last night.

I wonder if its general malaise that I’m ailing from? Every day I hear and read more lies that 45 is spewing to the most ignorant of our population, convincing them, for example, that the Hondurans heading our way are all rapists and gang-members. Pockets full of drugs, rather than people escaping the horrid violence of their country with arms full of hungry kids and empty pockets.

I read statistics about younger generations not planning on coming out to vote on Tuesday, and my Mom said she’d seen on the news that it didn’t look good for the democrats in the House. That it doesn’t look like we’ll take the House.

And then (moment of self-pity) I come home every night with only the dog to share my day with.

And it all contributes to my feelings of defeat.

And then I stumble across something like this. A young man named Adrian who’s mom posted a video of him singing a beautiful song from the broadway show Waitress. It went viral, and he was eventually invited on stage to sing the song after one of the shows. I watched it yesterday and cried my eyes out.

Somehow, this skinny kid with his mammoth, gorgeous voice gives me hope. I have no idea why, but I’ll take it where I can get it!

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