Happy New Year

It’s possible that this photo, because of her unamused expression, will never get old for me. 

I had my New Year’s Eve party and it was delightful fun. About ten people came and all were good company. One friend brought her toddler and I was rather impressed by her stamina – they stayed til just past 11PM!



It was a nice evening of eating and drinking and chatting, then we played around of Celebrity (which I should rename “Famous” because I don’t always stick to celebrity names when setting the game up…I’ll get to that), then moved on to Cards Against Humanity, which is basically a game of Mad Libs using politically incorrect, inappropriate or raunchy phrases and terms.

How does Celebrity/Famous work? Before everyone showed up, I did a search for famous people using the interwebs. To narrow the selection, I went with Capricorns. I wrote down the names of the famous people on name tags, and when it came time to play, I put one name tag on each person, just under their chin so they could not read the name given to them.

Then, sitting in a circle, the tag-wearer asked everyone a Yes or No question in an attempt to figure out who they are. Am I alive? Am I an actress? Have I ever won an Academy Award? Included among our famous people were Michelle Obama, Stephen Hawking, Bradley Cooper, Dolly Parton, Denzel Washington, and David Bowie.

About a minute before midnight, Dori made the great suggestion that we pause what was now a game of Cards Against Humanity, and go around the room and say one word for 2019. There was hope, optimism, perseverance, etc.

The next day I picked up Harlow who my parents had graciously taken for the night so she wasn’t arguing with my guests over who gets a spot on the couch, and had breakfast with Mom and Dad before heading home with the beast. I spent my day cleaning up after the party and doing some organizing, then in the afternoon Harlow and I went for a little walk.

A nice way to start the new year.

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