Totally Gross

My friend Ben very thoughtfully gave me a board game for Christmas that I could play with L. It’s science-based with kid appropriate questions and “gross” challenges like looking up another players’ nose.

It’s really quite up my alley.

I opened the game tonight to read through the directions. I didn’t want her wiggling impatiently in her seat (like I would) while I read the directions to her when we get together this weekend.

I was somewhat (but not entirely) surprised to see that the board game is flawed.

Can you spot how?

All four children on the board are white. Hm, I thought, this will not do.

I had fun “fixing” the game..

2 Replies to “Totally Gross”

  1. I LOVE it! You did a terrific job with the drawing…perhaps you should consider changing all of them…the board would certainly look better!


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