Beautiful Animals

People who know me know that I have a special place in my heart for elephants. One of my favorite books is The Elephant Whisperer and I’m currently reading Love, Life, and Elephants. At some point in my adult life, my childhood obsession with chimpanzees (who I still love!) morphed into an appreciation for the majestic pachyderm.

I’ve spent a good chunk of my evening weeping. This time, it’s because this story came info my NewsFeed on FB. With the title Businessman Proudly Poses With ‘Baby Elephants’ He Shot And Killed In Africa, I was crying before I even opened the link.

There is little I can say about it and perhaps I am spreading the misery by sharing it, but, well, there you have it. This horrific excuse of a likely tiny-peckered man named Mike Jines claims he was being charged by the elephants. A classic, back-pedaling response from an entitled man who got backlash for his heinous act.

If it was indeed self-defense, why pose proudly with them afterwards? If you shot one, I can guess the other would run away, not continue to charge (though I don’t know this for sure). If the pro-hunter with you was any pro at all, he would know how to identify a real charge from a mock one (a mock charge involves ears splayed out. If they mean it, they will pin their ears back as they charge, in case you were curious). Or at least know how to handle an elephant that comes too close (or who you get too close to).

No, these beautiful animals were butchered very intentionally.

As I wrote on FB when I shared the story, I consider myself a pacifist. So much so that I can’t type “out loud” what I hope these two men have coming to them, aside from saying that I hope it’s a dose of their own medicine.

Maybe someone will claim Jines and his hunter friend were charging them and it was self-defense?

The first image below is what I saw on FB, the second is what I did with my very poor PhotoShopping skills – made it so the sweet, majestic animal is simply taking a nap.

One can dream.



How I wish it was.

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