Outta Here

Back in November Libby and I went to Savannah together (which I only just realized I never blogged about. The bbq was great, I liked my Moscow mules, the AirBnB was weird, and we had a ton of fun. There you have it!) as our annual Girl Trip because I realized as we were considering another trip overseas that I’m not actually made of money and an overseas trip every year isn’t really feasible. Well, to be more accurate, it is sort of feasible. One can make it happen, but money guilt gets in the way.

I have a boiler which will need replacing sometime between now and a few years from now. Most of the time I feel like I am a very responsible person when it comes to money and I have set-up a slow-growing savings situation for that boiler.

But then priorities shift a bit (I’m still saving for the boiler, if you were worried about that)

It started when I was back in FL a few weeks ago and Libby was telling me about the food conference she was attending in Copenhagen. Copenhagen? That would be cool to see!, I thought to myself, saying nothing to her because I didn’t want to encroach on her special food photography conference trip. When I got back to MA, she texted me  “You should come!” And I thought Oh no, I couldn’t. I don’t want to get in the way or be…

“OK!” I told her. So now Libby and I will arrive in Copenhagen a few days before her conference starts to explore the city.

Me and Tormod

When I was seven, going on eight, we had an exchange student for the academic year. His name was Tormod (pronounced tour-mood) and while I remember very little specifics about his stay with us, I do remember I adored him. My most distinct memory is actually the utter heartache of saying goodbye to him at the end of the year. As I recall, we were all a bawling mess that June morning. I believe we went on a family vacation right after we dropped Tormod off. It was my parents’ attempt at lifting our spirits, but make no mistake, we were devastated.

Tormod, who is Norwegian, now lives in Copenhagen. We connected on facebook many years ago, and now, once Libby leaves for her conference, I will descend on his doorstep after over 30 years! I’m really looking forward to it.

Then, since flying to Europe and back for only a five-day stay seems silly, I will fly to Switzerland to see my family there for a little bit before coming back to stupid reality where boilers need replacing (I “complain” but really I’ve been insanely lucky in that my home has held up fabulously since I bought it)

Here’s part of my thinking; yet a second acquaintance from my days at The Palm Beach Post has died. Also, curiously, of a stroke. I am single, I have no kids (I have to figure out what to do with the Beast, but that’s manageable), I am able to travel. So I’m doing it. When I texted Shannon to share my next purchasing guilt (to follow below) she said without missing a beat “Life is fucking short, dude. Buy what you want when you want it.”

I love my friends. And it’s true that I probably shouldn’t let myself feel guilty about my good fortune. I probably shoulnd’t be blogging about it either but whatever, it’s a slow day at work.

Since I have this Devil May Care attitude right now I thought I’d try some heroin tonight too. Really test my luck!

Just kidding about that part, but I did spend even more money  make more sound financial investments today. I got a coupon code for used camera gear from the company I rent gear from every time I travel.

This is a purchase that I’ve been considering doing for years now.  So, less than 48 hours after buying a bunch of international flights, I pressed the COMPLETE PURCHASE button again, getting half off a very expensive, lovely camera, and then promptly realized I needed to buy a lens too. (I mean, I knew it didn’t come with a lens, I just forgot that lenses cost money too, often as much as the camera body itself. Whoops)

So I continued to shop around, found the best deal, and went for it. I mean, in my defence, it IS going to get used expesiveky.  This is not a pair of red, faux leather pants after all.

Hmmmm. {Googles “sale on faux red leather pants”}

I’m yammering on about money today which is super tacky. This entry is really about biting the bullet and living…within one’s means. Hidden beneath the Listen to how much money I spent feeling of this entry is actually thank goodness I am able to do these cool things. Thank goodness my friends and family are healthy. Thanks goodness I have a job and a dog that likes me most of the time.

Thank goodness for new experiences. 


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