You’re Lucky, Lady

I just had a very nice time at a BU Women’s Guild luncheon where there was a lecture and discussion about disabilities and access on campus.

As I was chatting with the various people at my table over lunch, I turned to the woman to my left and asked if she enjoyed teaching in the physics department (I’m lying about where she teaches, just to protect the conversation a bit), and she had an interesting response. She said “That’s kind of a funny question”

“Oh? Why is that?”

“Because I would hope that I would enjoy what I do (for a living)!”

What I thought was what an incredibly privileged and naive response, but what I said was “Oh, I think people who really love what they do are extremely lucky. A lot of people do their job in order to live, and hopefully, they find things they’re passionate about outside work that they can enjoy”

She gave me a weak “Yeah” in response.

I found it to be such an unexpected interaction. She may have meant that she has a great job and how could she not appreciate and enjoy it, and I stand corrected if I misunderstood our little chat, but I really don’t think that’s what she meant. It was so interesting to hear someone seem to imply that doing a job you don’t love is preposterous and why would anyone do that?

The survive, I guess?

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