Girls Architecture Day

I picked up Little Saturday afternoon and headed to the MIT Museum (which I didn’t know existed!). I found an event posting for MIT Museum’s Girls Architecture Day and though it would be perfect.


During the drive to the museum, I was telling L all about Bootsie, because my parents were out-of-town and I was dog sitting (for too brief a time). I tell her that Bootsie is very shy and sweet. “At night, I leave a light on low somewhere because she’s afraid of the dark”

Her response from the backseat was “Same.” And it made me smile.

Little is into science and math and I’m not, which makes us a good match (seriously!). I feel compelled to expose her to sciency math stuff, which gets me learning new things, and I’m into creative stuff which gets her exposed to other topics. So it’s nice that we are likely to enjoy doing things that include any of those subjects.

The Girls Architecture Day was so well-organized and a blast to attend. The museum is cool in itself, but the event had students from MIT and area architects at no less than fifteen different activity tables.

We ended our outing with a treat at Flour.



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