Mother’s Day!

Last Friday I was having dinner with three friends, two of whom have kids. One of them had plans all day with her kid on Mother’s Day, and was happy to get to do things that didn’t involve some kind of sports practice. The other’s one request was to not hear some form of “mommmmmm!…” for the entire day.

I support both of these plans.

And I posted the following on Facebook as a result, along with this nice photo my dad took a “few” years ago:
To those women with kids, I hope that you get the day to yourself if that’s what you want. A day of no “Mom! Mumma, can I?…” or “Mommmmmmmmm! (Insert sibling’s name) just…” Alternatively, if you’re a mom who wants to be around your kids, I hope you are! And I hope they are well behaved for you and good company and show you lots of love and appreciation!
And to my friends whose moms are no longer with them – I’m sorry. Your mom should still be here and it’s not okay that she isn’t. That’s all there is to that.
And to my mom, the larger-than-life Cheryl Webb Scott Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for being my friend, a constant source of support, and the best example at how to live life a girl could ask for.

On Mother’s Day, we went to see the latest Avengers movie because going to watch action flicks is what we do in my house on cherished family holidays (and we love it, thank you very much). With perfect timing that I could not have planned better myself, Mom and I then met-up with Christopher. This was perfect because, well, she wanted both her kids with her on Mom’s Day, but also he could explain the shit I didn’t get in the three hour movie we just sat through!

Among other activities this past weekend, I also had Little with me on Saturday. When she got into my car I asked her if she knew Mother’s Day was the next day. She did, of course, and she had made her mom a card, and some chore coupons. My plan for our visit was to make some things for her mom, and since I didn’t have a back-up plan, we were simply going to add to her collection of gifts. Fine with me and it was fine with her too!

She made a really lovely, understated bracelet. Actually nice enough to wear (sometimes you just don’t know when I kid makes it, let’s be honest!). When she was done, I asked her to hold it up so I could photograph it. She humored me, but with a slip of the fingers, she lost grip of the string at one end and the beads went everywhere! We had a good laugh and she didn’t mind making it again.

I also found a plain frame for her to paint. I disassembled it and she spent a long time painting it, adding gems to it, and writing “I Luv U” on it. As it dried, we browned some ground beef and assembled a ravioli lasagna that her mom could bake on Mother’s Day or freeze for another time. I think Little was proud of herself for doing much of the prep-work.

Channeling my mom, I had her write the directions for reheating on a piece of paper,  and showed her how to wrap her mom’s bracelet in it’s little gift box. When it came time to assemble the frame I realized that she had painted the backside. This was an easy mistake considering that when the glass and the back which held the stand on it were removed so it could be painted, both the front and the back looked like they could have been the front! I felt horrible for not realizing in time to make an adjustment early on, but as usual, she took it in stride “Actually I don’t mind having to paint it again because I love painting!” was what she said when I suggested she leave it here at my place to be repainted another time. This actually was for the best considering I couldn’t get a good print of a portrait of her because my printer was low on ink.

It was project kismet in the end!

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