How To Tell a Story

Last year as a gift I took Dad to The Moth, a live storytelling show, here in Boston. We had a great time listening to peoples’ stories based on that evening’s theme, and when Dad was tasked with giving a gift to some friends for a gift swap this past Christmas, I suggested a double date to another story slam.

I got a voicemail from Mom the evening they were at the slam, “It’s intermission” she loudly whispered into her phone, “and you won’t believe it! Your dad got up and told a story! He was great!”

I immediately went online to learn what the theme was for that evening – Blunders – I giggled to myself at the thought of there being so many to tell! (Dad doesn’t have more blunders than most people, in truth. He’s just more interesting than most).

Today he sent the link to the video of him telling the story so I had to share it here! I’m pretty jealous because doing this very thing is on my To Do List in life! But more so I’m really proud.

Even though he talks about poop.

After I shared it with a bunch of people, Libby asked if he’d practiced. He answered, “Practice will kill the delivery, but I did plan the sequence of information in order to ensure the surprise.”

One Reply to “How To Tell a Story”

  1. OMG!! I love this!!! This is amazing. He is so brave to one, do this and two, to tell this story. He did such a great job and I am jealous of his story telling since I suck at it. Moreover, I love the story!


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