My Dog is Cute

After a lot of working for commencement this past weekend, I went home early, claiming a few comp hours on Wednesday. A few days prior, I returned home to a strange smell in the house. I went upstairs searching for the source and found it. Poor Harlow had diarrhea. Very politely, she had left it on the bathroom tile which left me with a mild sense of pride that she is such a considerate weirdo.

When I returned on Wednesday from work I opened the front door to be blasted with another nasty waft. This time much worse. When I found it – in her bed on the first floor- I assessed the situation and decided that her bed would have to be thrown out because I couldn’t begin to figure out how to clean it nor did I want to put it in the clothes washer.

(I had a sample checked by the vet and it’s not parasites, so that’s good)

I don’t know why I told you that whole story. It’s not necessary. Sorry about that.

After I cleaned it all up, it was time to give Miss Harlow her summer cut. I absolutely love the way she looks cut short, but since it’s probably not good for her, I don’t do it all year long. I don’t know that I believe in the science of an undercoat, but I’m not a pro in that area so far be it for me to dispute.

For the first time, I tried a time-lapse video! She is very tolerant when I trim her, or frankly, do anything to her, and I felt bad that I couldn’t give her a “good girl!” treat because of her tummy issues.

So here it is. I was very itchy for the rest of the evening.



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