Vacation Day 6

COPENHAGEN AND ZURICH•  I woke to yet another glorious day in Copenhagen (well, The neighborhood of Frederiksberg, to be exact) at Tormod’s place. The weather was to-die-for and clearly, the Danes know it as well; so many people outside enjoying it! It reminds me a bit of New Englanders and our appreciation for the nice weather once it finally arrives. The difference is that we do not have such incredibly short winter days. In Denmark, in the dead of winter, it is pitch black out at 3:30 in the afternoon!

I also woke up to another thing, less sunny; a text from Tormod letting me know that he was feeling horrible, and our drive up the coast for lunch before my flight to Zurich wasn’t going to happen. Poor Tormod! (A day later, when I was in Switzerland, he texted me a photo of his hospital room and informed me he was about to have his appendix removed!)

He was definitely not up for a ride up the coast.

So, I took his bus pass and got brave and tried out the bus system. I was very concerned actually because Election Day and Constitution Day were both that same day, and I worried that nothing would be open.

Riding public transit is one of the things I love about going to a new place. It’s terrifying, but you also learn new things; In Copenhagen, you tap your card on a little pad when you first get on. When you finish your ride, whether it’s this first bus you get on or a second one to reach your final destination, you tap the card again, and you are charged for your ride accordingly.

Also, you see interesting things like this;

Isn’t she fabulous with her hair wrap and dog?

Days before this little bus ride, Bryony had told us that on Constitution Day, some dignitary rode a crane to reach the top of a specific fountain and put into the fountain a few golden apples. Those apples bounced around on top of the spraying water for the duration of the day.

I was determined to come back and see those (teeny tiny) apples. And I did!

I also passed the day with some other fun activities;

I caught the subway to the airport and my flight to Zurich was uneventful. I was greeted by my Uncle Billy at the airport, and although I arrived very late, Reeli offered me a spread of prosciutto and melon, bread and butter and more, and I went to sleep in my little sweet in beautiful Wadenswil, a suburb of Zurich, with a happy belly.

My home away from home in Wadenswil!



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