USS Constitution

This past weekend was a busy one.

For my photographer work it’s a busy time of year. Autumn is a great time to have family photo sessions done, so my weekends are pretty booked up. I piled a few onto Sunday so I could spend time with Little on Saturday.

One of the things I enjoy about spending time with my Little Sister is that I get out of the house and go places I wouldn’t simply go to on my own. Many of my friends are married with kids, so adventures with friends aren’t really an option too often, and until Mr. Adventure comes along, it’s just me.

Little makes for great adventure company!

The USS Constitution was a great place to visit. True, it was a bit brief because we only went on the ship and not into the larger museum, but I think it was the right amount of history for a nine-year old (who made a point of reminding me that her birthday is in only five months! “I’ll be double digits for the first time ever!”).

From there we ordered some pizza and found a bench where we could sit, enjoy it, and compare notes about the proper way to eat french fries. We both agree that dipping into the ketchup, then biting, then dipping the other end of the fry into the ketchup again so as to avoid technically double dipping was the preferred technique.

We still had some time together after eating, so we took a stroll through a nearby community garden, and then went back to my house where we went through old costumes and found some wings and white gloves for her angel costume for Halloween.

Now, if this were me we were talking about, I’d change my mind four times before the holiday actually came, so we’ll see what she does. I found some wire and gold tissue paper, showed her how to glue and wrap to make a halo, and hung out while she made it herself.

“That was a fun day!” she said when I dropped her off.

Next time, we’ll be going back to Connor’s Farm, land of corn mazes, go-karts, cider donuts and hay rides.

Fall is Here!

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