The Go-Karts are Small

Little and I returned to Connor’s Farm this past weekend. It’s been a few weeks since I’d seen her and I missed her!

Although the farm has endless activities; animals to visit, pig races, bounce houses, apple throwing, ziplines, hayrides, corn maze, go-karts, food, etc, it wasn’t quite as exciting as last year. Just the same, we still have a blast together and even found a few features that we didn’t get to see before – like a collection of great play houses, a hayride, cornbox (like a sandbox but with corn), a play fort I would have killed for when I was a kid.

The highlight was when, during our walk home, Little reflected on the day saying “I liked it better last year because the go-karts were higher up!”

“The go-karts are the same size, L,” I told her, “you’ve just grown so much that they seem smaller!”


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