On Saturday, Little and I slapped some Purell on our hands and went out into the big bad. germy world to check out an exhibit I heard – Mass Art’s new museum, MAAM (Mass Art Art Museum).

As we walked from the car to the museum, ahead in the distance a smiley face on the side of a building caught my eye. At a second look I realized it was two cameras with a pipe underneath. Just then, Little said “See those two cameras on that building? It looks like a smiley face!”

I then wore a smiley face at the fact that she noticed too.

I didn’t read about the main installation at MAAM in great detail because I had a ten year old with me, but I can say it was outstanding. I mean, colorful and huge and interesting to me anyway. The docent told me that the artist came and looked at the space, then asked the museum to share stories of exceptional women from MA. The piece was made with the inspiration in mind.

A snippet form the site reads – Known for her unprecedented multimedia works, renowned Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos, in her first U.S. solo show, will honor Elizabeth “Mumbet” Freeman, an enslaved woman whose court battle for her freedom in 1781 helped make slavery illegal in Massachusetts. The large-scale installation entitled Valkyrie Mumbet, is the newest in her Valkyries series, named after Norse female war goddesses, which pays homage to inspiring women.

After checking out the installation, which was short and sweet, we went back to my place. I made some lunch and we had a lot of fun working together to install a skeeball set made from balsam wood.

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