A few weeks ago I was so happy to take my annual trip to Florida. The right mix of familiar and different made for a nice getaway, not to mention spending time with Libby, and busting my kneecaps with Shannon at the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival.

After last year’s festival, and every other really, I was in a massive amount of pain from the crouching and crawling on the concrete. I went to Facebook and asked people for advice. Drink water with electrolytes (like gatorade), take breaks, and soak in epsom salts before and after was the advice that stuck with me.

This year we were at a great advantage because it was not hot at all. This really makes a difference as I tend to get zapped of energy in the heat. In fact, it actually rained early in the morning, so when Shannon and I met about an hour later than usual with hopes of missing it, we just kept painting our base coat of black tempera paint as though it wasn’t raining. It was light and it did stop, but we had to wait a bit to get started.

This year I made a conscious effort to not move so fast and push so hard. I stood up more often, walked around a bit, when once I was back at Libby’s, soaked in hot bath with epsom salt.

The pain the next day was a two which was great compared to the six of previous years.

When we were coming up with ideas for the festival (because you have to send sketches when you apply to participate), we were a bit stumped. In the end we decided to have Rupert return. This year, meditating!

It seems appropriate for the times. Breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out.

The following days were fun. Shannon and her husband went off on their own adventures, and Libby and I found the perfect balance of hanging out and exploring. We tried to find some grays that could work in her home for some redesigning that she’s doing. Grays are so hard!

We also went to Ft Lauderdale for brunch with a mermaid show. We were every intrigued and only a little disappointed. I learned later that the reason our “show” consistent of a mermaid swimming by once every fifteen minutes was because the water chemicals were not balanced properly. We were a bit disappointed with the food, but still, it a was a good, tacky Florida experience.

We also ventured down to Miami one day to visit Viscaya Museum and Gardens. It was a gorgeous place and I thought of my godmother Reeli and Uncle Billy the whole time, and how they would especially love the gardens. Although admittedly it did kind of lack flowers.

Also fun to see was the many many quinceanera photo shoots taking place on the grounds!

We also checked out Wynwood Walls, which was great but less impressive than I remember it being when I first laid eyes on it years ago. We also did some exploring on Palm Beach with Libby’s new puppy Talulah!

When Libby had some work to get done I took my annual trip up to Juno Beach to see the Loggerhead Marinelife Center, to appreciate some healing shelled friends.

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