What Day Is It?

It’s hard to know where we are in time right now. I think this is our fourth week of staying in? The photo above ran in BU Today today, Friday, and the caption said it’s from Tuesday. I took it Wednesday, so at least I’m not alone in my confusion.

The photos I shot towards the beginning of all this haven’t been used much and that’s disappointing, but at the The Boston Globe is making use of some!

I’m continuing to make masks but am at a frustrating standstill waiting on elastic to arrive. I’ve also heard so many new rules about making them for hospitals that I think for a little while I will only be getting them to “civilians”. There are so many rules for the hospital ones (only 1/8in elastic, only a certain kind of stitch and fabric, you can’t use this kind of ribbon or that kind…) which I get because they have to survive an industrial washer, but it doesn’t encourage me to continue to hand them off knowing they might just get thrown out for not “qualifying”.

Dad and I went for a walk earlier in the week and that was really nice. Not really normal per se, with being constantly aware of how far apart we were and trying to not be upwind of him, since if anyone is carrying the virus at all it’s me. I’ve still be very careful but Mom and Dad haven’t really even left their house, which is good.

Harlow was excited to see “Grampy” but her excitement was calmer than usual. He didn’t come into my house as he would typically, and he wore this weird thing on his face.

I am currently refreshing my Instacart online over and over, hoping an opening comes up and I can get some non-essentials picked-up and delivered. Seeing as they are non-essential, it’s not, well, essential that the order be filled. Still, I’d like some stuff.

Now that Little has a phone of her own, I am able to Facetime with her. We managed to chat a bit the other day and it was nice to see some of the artsy things she’s doing with the supplies I handed off a while back, and catch up in general. She’s been exercising she told me. I asked her why and she said “I goggled what to do during coronavirus”. So, she’s been doing exercises. More than I have been doing!

I’m currently trying to find some online games we can play together this weekend. As I chatted with her, her grandmother entered the room and said “Hi Cydney! I miss you!”

Other than that it’s all the same here. When I went to campus earlier this week and took the photo at top and the ones below, I wore a mask. It’s strange how it’s becoming not strange anymore. Not comfortable, but not strange either.

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