It’s Mid-April

I wrote some cards and postcards and mailed them today.

I got a card from Libby that told me she was going to “hug the crap” out of me when she could again.

Today I went to campus to photograph some empty spaces. I have an idea for a photo project which requires me to photograph empty spaces where I have already shot containing vibrant BU students and staff. I am less nervous when I go to campus now which almost has me on higher alert. It was a beautiful day out, and it was sad and hard to believe this is our world right now – beautiful but empty.

I watched John Krasinski’s Some Good News and it made me happy.

Amanda and I went for a hike from a distance and it lifted both our spirits. I think in the last week, it’s begun to hit me a bit more. I am in a strange place; thoroughly enjoying not dealing with traffic or having to be somewhere at a specific time, while also missing some normal conveniences, like being able to go to the store and buy flours. Like being able to hug my parents.

I did go for a visit. I think it was Easter? I don’t know. Chatted with Mom on their deck.

I worried about staying connected with Little, but she has texted me fairly regularly, and I now know she has a computer given to her by her school, so she should be able to hook in to playing some games online with me…if I can figure out how to make that happen!

The dog got a bath.

I picked up a ton of leaves over the weekend. Yardwork always cheers me up somehow.

I made Lesson Three in my little photography series, Photography for People Who Aren’t Grown-Ups.

about 77 masks on the mantle

I still am sewing masks though they are piling up on the mantle waiting for the elastics to arrive.

I’m grateful to have a mantle.

I am curious about things.

Will we appreciate each other more once we have a vaccine and we’re on the other side?

Will we get a vaccine before I lose some loved ones?

Will we all be a little nicer to each other?

Will more people work from home cutting down on the rush hour traffic as well as pollution? I have come to realize how much this new way of living suits me, and no traffic is part of it. No pressure leave by 8am drive eight miles to get to work by 9:30 (reminds herself how grateful she is for job security).

Will we realize that lower income people will die at higher rates from this disease because they HAVE to go to work and as a result, expose themselves to the virus at a higher rate than the rest of us?

Has anyone checked in on the children in cages at the border? I can’t even think about that mess right now.

Will women and children currently trapped in abusive homes make it out the other side?

Will people appreciate teachers and nurses more?

Will I write a cheery or funny blog entry again, rather than uses it to prattle on about things none of us can control.

Oh, this is fun – I was talking to my friend Ben on Facetime the other day and he told me his girlfriend wanted to share some pierogis with me. I was excited about that and then even more excited when I realized something and he delighted at the idea – so I went by his place the other day, picked up some pierogis from his porch and left behind one-half of my childhood game Battleship, so we can play each other!

It’s the little things that excite me these days.

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