This Too Shall Pass…Hopefully

I’ve been feeling pretty low lately. Fine. Grateful, but low. This is wearing on me a bit, and it’s all so sad. I went on Twitter this morning and then I had to look elsewhere for entertainment because Twitter was nothing but bad news. It was the worst reading about the idiots in Michigan who are protesting the stay at home order. And a friend just told me that Georgia is opening up non-essential businesses on Friday. Nail salons, bowling alleys, etc. Such a colossal mistake. It’s just mind-boggling to me.

I did see this the other day on facebook and it made me smile. I don’t know who first posted it so I can’t credit it, unfortunately but…

Last week I got my first shipment from Misfit Market, a service that sends you perfectly good veggies that grocery stores don’t want. I wish they hadn’t been shipped from New Jersey, but as a friend pointed out, that’s better than all the way from South America. Kale, celery, lemon, lime, mangos (which I gave to Mom and Bad), and brussel sprouts!

Ben and I played a childhood game of Battleship. I brought one half of the game over to his house and he left me some frozen pierogis that he and his girlfriend made…

On Saturday it snowed because Mother Nature is a jerk…

And on Sunday it was beautiful and warm.

For many years I accumulated soft art pastels from Shannon and my participating in the Street Painting Festivals. I only learned a few years ago that you can return the pastels the festival provides for you! So for all these years I have been lugging them back up north!

There has been a trend of people doing sidewalk chalking to say “hello” to walkers out for fresh air. I wanted to do some too, but then I realized that I have a wall to work with! So I dug out the pastels, and thought about what I wanted to say.

Initially I thought about making a dragon. Fire-breathing! But then the thought of a phoenix rising (from the ashes) came to me and I knew that would be perfect. For years I have been wanting to do a time-lapse video of my and Shannon’s chalk drawing efforts, but executing that is rather complicated.

This time I was able to easily set-up the camera and use the time-lapse mode on it easily.

I also got a special delivery from my friends Amy and CJ yesterday…

I told them I was so happy to have some of my favorite ice cream that I could marry it, thus this silly pose in my selfie.

I should have taken a picture of Mom and Dad when I went to visit them yesterday. We sat at a distance on their deck and caught up a bit – our lives are so action packed now!

I have a lot to be grateful for but I woke this morning feeling blue, wondering who the last person I hugged was because I don’t remember.

When I visited Mom a few days ago she said they’ve been in the house for 38 days, so I know it’s been at least that long for me since I’ve had human physical contact.

Not having hugs is a bummer.

So, I was glum this morning. I haven’t been working out. I’ve been walking the dog but that’s pretty much it. I heard recently that you don’t have to have motivation to do something, you just have to do it. You don’t have to like it. So I did some yoga. It was easy stuff and I did feel better afterwards. A little bit anyway.

I put Harlow in the car and we drove some masks up to my friend Donna and left them at her door. Waved from afar.

When I pulled back up to my house two men and a toddler were walking by, and they stopped to take a picture of the Phoenix. That made me so happy!

Then I parked the car, walked the dog around the block, and when I passed in front of the house again, two women on the other side of the intersection hollered over at me through their masks “It’s great!” with their thumbs up in the air. Then another woman in a car slowed down and waved out her window and told me she loved it too.

Actually doing the art is therapeutic for me. It makes me feel good. but I also wanted others to smile about it, so I was happy to know they were.

2 Replies to “This Too Shall Pass…Hopefully”

  1. Ugh. I am also, finally, getting to the point of being over this. Last night my eyes ached from staring at screens, so much so that I didn’t even want to read—my eyes didn’t want to look at anything. So I sat in bed with my eyes closed, listening to a podcast for a bit. And then I fell asleep. And when I woke up in the middle of the night, I started feeling claustrophobic about this whole experience.


  2. Thinking about your beautiful Phoenix – and something that occurred to me – that it is only through being burned to nothing – literally nothing – that it is able to rise up and start anew. We are in the process of burning down to nothing. But there will be a future for all of us. Sending lots of love – lots and lots of love.


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