The Ring Theory

My friend’s dad died Wednesday night. Every other day or so when my dad was sick, my friend texted me “How’s your dad?”

Then mine was fine and his suddenly wasn’t.

Last night when I googled “what do do for a friend who is grieving” for inspiration, I came across The Ring Theory, which I had read about years ago and though was so clever and smart. So I am sharing it here so you can be more clever and smart too by learning about it.

If you want.

I also read one woman’s account of how so many people brought her food that it all just got thrown out, but that a month later, no one was around. so, I bought my friend a gift card to a taco joint near his apartment, so he can go when he feels like it. I scheduled it to arrive a week from now, to his phone.

Technology is pretty great sometimes.

I’m sharing that in case you have a friend who is suffering and you want to bring them a casserole but worry everyone else is too. You’re probably right. Maybe a note and a gift card to a local restaurant for take-out?

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