May Her Memory Be a Blessing

On the occasion or anniversary of someone’s death, it is a Jewish custom to say zikhronah livrakha, “may her memory be a blessing.”

“When we say “may her memory be for a blessing,” the blessing we speak of is not “may we remember her fondly” or “may her memory be a blessing to us.” The blessing implied is this: May you be like Ruth. Jewish thought teaches us that when a person dies, it is up to those who bear her memory to keep her goodness alive. We do this by remembering her, we do this by speaking her name, we do this by carrying on her legacy. We do this by continuing to pursue justice, righteousness, sustainability.” – (pulled from this forward article)

And we do this by raising money and wearing her likeness on our faces.

The passing of the great Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg has been a big blow to all those who appreciated and admired her for her strength, intelligence, fortitude, and justness.

We are in scary times. We feel a bit impotent, aside from knowing we can soon go to the polls. And even that feels lacking.

When RBG died, I got online and started looking for fabric that honored her. I knew that if I wanted to do a fundraiser, she could help. So, I found some, then posted on Facebook for suggestions of good places to do a fundraiser for. A friend came up with, and another the ACLU, where RBG co-founder the Women’s Right’s Project

So for the past month or so I have been taking orders from friends and friends of friends. It was hard work, just keeping track of them all, since they are all custom-sized. I ran out of fabric and needed to get more, which I did. Then I ran out of aluminum nose strips. Just how it goes!

In the end, we did good as a group and it helped me feel slightly better about things.

Sort of.

It was fun and exciting to get texts and posts from friends with selfies in their masks.

I brought the fundraiser to a close today, and posted the following on Facebook…

75+ masks later and there’s now quite a sum to donate to some awesome causes! THANK YOU to everyone who bought an RBG or In This House mask from me for my little fundraiser. I am so excited to report that thanks to your purchases, $287 will be going to and $600 has gone to the ACLU. WOOT! But it gets better – A friend got in touch and offered to play Fairy Donation Mama, taking our collective $600 and donating it to the ACLU through the generous matching gift program at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Y’all…THE 👏🏻 DONATION 👏🏻 WAS 👏🏻 TRIPLED by the BMGF! bringing our final donation tally to the ACLU to $2400. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I hope you feel warm and fuzzy for doing your part. You deserve that good feeling! So, the donation part is done, but I do still have fabric. So, if you’re all “I want that mask!”. Message me. There’s more where these came from! ❤️❤️❤️✌🏻

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