Snow Globe Repurposing

I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning and throwing out of things I have not looked at in 20 years. I had a box with a few snow globes in them. As a kid I found these so magical, and I still do, but when I pulled them from their box-enforced hibernation recently, I found the water had evaporated a bit and the snow had yellowed. I wasn’t going to enjoy them anymore, but I didn’t want to simply throw them out.

So, I had lots of fun figuring out how to appreciate the figurines again and decided to convert them into ornaments.

First I carefully broke all the globes and pulled out the figurines (some had music boxes in them, none of which worked. I would crank and nothing would happened. Then a few minutes later I’d be in the other room and hear this slow, creeeeepy music. Nope! Not keeping those!)

Then I grabbed some clay and bought some plastic globes – halves that you piece together. I shaped the clay so it would sit at the bottom of the globe and support the figurine and left it to dry for quite a few days

Once it dried, I painted the clay to blend in a bit.

Then I glued the two halves together and the base to the bottom on the seam of the globe. My drinking glasses were the perfect size to support them until they were ready to hang

And now I can appreciate them again!

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