Christmas Time

I posted on Facebook last week how ridiculously disappointed I was that a well known shop ran out of my favorite scented candle. I noted how stupid and priviledgy this complaint is, but that those little things – like my favorite winter scent – brighten my life right now.

A friend from FL sent me two of hers! It was so thoughtful and I was so grateful. Harlow loved the packaging. Humans are so nice sometimes!

I woke this morning at 4:30. I have insomnia sometimes. Is that inherited? (thanks, Dad!).

I laid around for a while and even tried to listen to some Nothing Much Happens, a podcast designed to help you fall asleep. So far I have found it really helpful. I noticed my tooth hurt (I got a crown put in last week. Really horrific. Would not recommend), and wondered if my feet were too hot.

Lately when I wake up in the wee hours, I stress about what to make for Christmas. Which cookies should I make and should I deliver them to friends or will they feel like Good god, more cookies?! I wonder which cookies would pair well together and do they offer a variety of flavors? When should I make them so they are at their freshest?

I’m not kidding.

I tossed and turned for an hour and then it occurred to me that my aching tooth is what was keeping me from slumber. I took some Ibuprofen and fell right back to sleep.

I decorated last weekend and now my house is very festive. The dog is feeling a bit off about it all. Her bed was moved from her corner to another spot to make room for the tree. The nerve! I love my fireplace and use it regularly which has left her bereft and confused.

Why are you burning my sticks? Why is that big cushy chair in the place where I lay around? Why are you not sitting on the couch late at night where I can lay on you or not lay on you depending on my mood?

The other night she was SUPER weird about it. I was reading in front of the fire and she was standing at the bottom of the stairs, which my back was to, like a statue (should I put a bucket at your feet so you can get some coins from passersby?). Then she’d stand about ten paces away from me, facing me, staring at me. Either that or she’d stand there and NOT look at me. Or she’d get close and stare at me expectantly. She was like some awkward party guest who wouldn’t talk to anyone but just stood in the corner watching everything or even creepier, stood in the corner and looked at the wall.

When the fire went out and I returned the cushy chair I was reading in, she settled right into her bed near the couch, relieved that things – including me back on the couch – were WHERE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE!

My family is quarantining and testing leading into Christmas. So if Mom, Dad, and I all test negative, which there’s not reason to think we won’t, I look forward to hosting my parents for a little Christmas Eve dinner. During which the dog may or may not stand around awkwardly and not talk to anyone.

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