Silver Lining

Well, if that wasn’t a memorable day yesterday!

My day Wednesday started with a virtual work meeting followed by a whole lot of nothing to do. I was incredibly bored, which is unusual for me cause I generally can find something to do these days.

I heard the amazing news that Georgia had been flipped (thank you, Black voters!) and I while I felt grateful I also felt somehow detached. Perhaps I have had it up to here with politics? I figured it would set in at some point. Maybe not yesterday because I was too busy doing…nothing, but at some point this excellent news would feel good.

Then I caught wind of something going on at the Capitol and when I tuned in to the news I saw what everyone else saw; Trump supporters pushing their way into the Capitol building in D.C. to…what were they planning on doing exactly? In truth they had no idea what they were doing, I am sure of it. They were damaging the building to get inside, some brandishing weapons and confederate flags. Some got into the Senate floor and snapped pictures of themselves (was that the goal? Was it one of those bachelorette party scavenger hunts in which you had to photograph yourself doing certain things?)

I also saw footage of police trying to keep them back behind barricades outside, and still other footage of police moving barricades to let these idiots in.

One woman was shot inside the building and later died, and three addition people died from medical emergencies according to the CNN political page today.

A few senators had the smarts in the heat of the moment to grab the straight-out-of-Hogwarts-boxes containing the electoral votes as they fled the Senate floor. Had they not, the votes could have been destroyed (if the people come into the stage a “coup” even knew what they were looking at).

Most of the crowd got cold because their Trump and confederate flags are too cheap and thin to protect against the cold DC air, and went home. Some were interviewed this morning on WBUR saying they didn’t expect or want violence. Fine. But a federal building was compromised and federal documents were stolen. I mean one great thing about our selfie-taking, social-sharing culture is that there is plenty of evidence to bring people in and charge them (including the police officer who POSED FOR A PHOTO with the rioters/terrorists).

The question is, will they be brought to justice? I’m really not so sure.

It’s utterly disgusting that all of the those people slept safe and sound in their hotel beds last night, when people from BLM protests are jailed, shot with rubber bullets, tear gassed and worse for far less.

And then there was the continuation of the vote count after the Capitol was emptied of the bozos. My favorite part was how the GOP members prior to this happening were in full support of the president. Yes, of course, many were accepting of the vote results, but their support for the president up to now has been absolute, despite any of the crazy things he says. But last night, wouldn’t you know, GOPs got up and announced that this insanity has to stop, that the election results must be accepted, that it’s time to pass the leadership. Some even admitted that the day’s events were a result of direction coming straight from the president.

Sure, you object NOW. After you had to cower under your desks for a few hours and feel your lives being threatened. Sure, once you feel you are personally in danger, that’s when you say “OK, enough is enough”

Speaking of enough, let’s move on.

The silver lining.

In mid-December I got a small package from my godmother Reeli, who lives in Switzerland. There was a note mentioning a bigger package on the way, but Christmas came and went and this additional package never arrived. She told me it was a blanket that she had made for me, and I remembered her mentioning two summers ago that she was making it. This made its lack of appearance that much more disappointing. Something handmade that she had worked on for so long! Reeli was understandable upset about its disappearance as well.

Tuesday night I went to Mom and Dad’s house to search for a childhood footstool in their attic. I found a box of baby clothes which were mine and brought them home. Inside the box was this adorable teacup set, on the bottom of which read “love from your godmother”. She had painted it for me when I was a baby.

I emailed Reeli right away, telling her what a nice find it was. She responded “Maybe this is a good sign, that there will be a possibility that the homemade blanket will show up sometime”

One can hope.

So, I’m glued to the TV watching the news last night and around six I decide to lift my body and check the mail and look was was one the porch!

My beautiful special blanket had arrived at last in a battered box after a long journey.

Yesterday’s silver linings – the Dems won the Senate majority, and I got my blanket!

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