Getting Out With Little and Also Squirrels

While I have texted a few times with Little and had a phone call, the two of us have not been able to connect in person for two months, and when I did see her two months ago it was to give her her birthday present. We didn’t spend any time together. With the mutation of the virus I was concerned and felt it was important that we be very careful. It was also too cold to be going outside which was the safest way to spend time together.

This past weekend it was warm, I am fully vaccinated, and we were able to get our schedules in line. I went to her house and waited on her porch. When she came out, she was a few inches taller, I swear, than the last time I saw her, and she came straight to me for a great big hug. We clearly missed each other!

We drove into Boston and as always she was patient as ever while I drove around seemingly aimlessly looking for parking. Once we parked we wandered over to Boston Garden where there were SO MANY PEOPLE! It was interesting to people watch, take in the beautiful weather, wonder what this protester or that protester was protesting with their very wordy and unclear signs.

I found an app for the African American Heritage Tour, so after our lunch, we wandered a bit to find a few of the locations on the tour and learn about them. I also pointed out a boot scraper to Little and challenged her to figure out what it was for. After that, it was “There’s another one!” regularly while we continued through the Back Bay and spotted them everywhere.

I can not WAIT to see her more regularly again.

Meanwhile, I have a new bird-feeder with squirrels making their home in despite the feed being “squirrel repelling”. Clearly the squirrels appreciate the extra spice of the red pepper flakes in the seed.

I solved it temporarily with some vegetable oil on the pole (turn down your volume. I laugh loudly).

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