Pixar and Weird Glass Dioramas

In mid-May, Little and I got to get together again. Being eleven she is not yet vaccinated, but we were still able to safely make a trip tot he Museum of Science where there was an exhibit about Pixar! I didn’t do the best job shooting photos this time, but it was so nice still, to get out and about!

With Dory at the MoS!

Two weeks later, she joined me at my place. It was scorching out! In the 90s, and the coolest thing we could do that still followed the safety guidelines was hang out at my house on my – thankfully- shaded patio! I took all the little crafty things I could find – papers, fabrics, marbles, some glue, some small animal figurines I’d bought for the project, and some glass candle holders I’ve been holding on to, and we created some jar dioramas.

They came out very weird and we love them! I was impressed – she came up with the idea of gluing the fake succulent to the “ceiling” of the scene.

She told me about school and how her report card was on it’s way. We talked about the shade the big tree provides and thinking back on counting the rings of the Christmas tree, wondered how old it could be. “How do they get the rings?” she asked.

I thought on this, joked about how i was going to make something up, then googled it. We both learned that the tree grows faster in summer and slower in winter, and the rings are a result!

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