All The Nice Things

I have been working on and off on my annual photo album. I skipped 2020 because it sucked, so now I’m working on a book that covers 2020 and 2021. As I am collecting photos I’m realizing how little I shared of the nice things. Well, that’s not true. I knew I wasn’t writing much. I just didn’t feel compelled at all. But good things happened.

Here are some…

Fourth of July was lovely with all but the kiddoes vaccinated and lots of laughing over a ridiculous game.

My college friends Dory and Suzanne came for a visit and it was the first time we’ve hung out since college really. I think I shared these photos but if you didn’t have the patience for the sink replacement rant that came prior to it (and I wouldn’t blame you) you wouldn’t have seen them. We explored Hyannis, listened while the massive nor’easter ripped through the state, checked out Cape Cod Winery and just hung and out and chatted. We also replicated a shot of us from 1998 on our graduation day in Athens, OH.

I had outdoor meals and with friends and Meg and I checked out DeCordova museum during a weekend visit…

Two of my favorite, ridiculous photos from summer…

Some family, who we haven’t seen in about ten years came for a visit from the west coast (and there were often sunsets to appreciate)…

Shannon, her husband and I met up and visited The Garden in the Woods in Framingham and it was so cool to discover a place I didn’t know existed!

Dad and I had a nice outing to Waltham for a Japanese lunch and then back to DeCordova.

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