Skating into 2023

One of the activities Little requested we do this winter is ice skating. On the last day of 2022 we made it happen.

On our way into the rink (conveniently just down the street from my house) she harrumphed and said “I’m wearing QUITTERS today!”

(Ha! This is a term – by way of my friend, Lauren – I use for socks which won’t stay up. My work here is done!)

We had a lot of fun scratching our skates around the rink and got much better the longer we were there. The skates caused some ankle irritation so we’d pop into the benches from time to time and rest for a while.

How long? Fifteen falls.

What’s that? The time it takes for us to count fifteen people falling on the ice. This wasn’t something we did to laugh at, it was just something to do, then it turned into an increment of time! We skating until we were over it. We lasted quite a while!

As we were leaving the rink and heading to the car there was a small crowd at the outside workout station next to the parking lot. “They’re not there to workout” Little predicted.

“No,” I responded, then I added in a silly guy voice, “Hey you guys let’s go hang at the outdoor grownup playground!”

Little picked up where I left off, and said in her own silly dude voice “Hey are we missing someone? I think we are! Yeah Ryan’s missing! Where’s Ryan?!”

(Maybe you had to be there but I’m glad I was. It was silly and hilarious!)

From there we went back to my home and took a billion pieces out of their molds to build a robot I got her *last* Christmas. We started assembling and got about five steps in before we couldn’t find a piece we needed to continue on. It was annoying at the time but didn’t overshadow the visit (plus, I looked even harder on the floor the next day and found the piece! Hurrah!)

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