Today is 0123!

It’s the first day of 2023 and I woke a bit grumpy. New Year’s Day carries a weight to it when in truth it’s just another day. On the other side of the world they’re halfway through it already! Just a day. The sun shines down on us like all the others and then it sets at the end of it.

I’ve been getting a lot done. I photographed some of the latest resin earrings and keychains, and wrapped a few presents which will be given to friends in person soon (my New Year’s Day brunch plans got scratched because the lovely hosts got nailed with COVID. It is seriously going around right now! So they’ll be waiting a bit longer for their gifts). Lately I’ve been getting into making these keychains which are challenging to make and really fun to personalize for the recipient. They take days to make because of the layers needed cure time in between them. I really wanted to do something different and as a kid I loved making dioramas. In a way this is just a teensy version of one! (you can click to enlarge);

I put my Christmas decorations away and cleaned out some unused spice jars and posted them online to give away (someone stranger is coming to take them off my porch later tonight).

Last night was a quiet New Year’s Eve which I am perfectly happy with. Dinner and games with Mom and Dad, home well before midnight (I think I was in bed at midnight, even). I am sad to not have someone special to ring in the New Year but (not to be self-pitying,) I don’t remember the last time I had someone with me to turn to on my couch and say “Should we go to bed now or wait for the actual countdown at midnight?” So it’s nothing new.

Maybe someday.

I did come out of my lonely funk a little bit by taking Harlow out to the Middlesex Fells for our annual New Year’s Day hike. Lots of people were there and the temperatures were mild, so it was really nice. There were a lot of others dogs on leashes though and Harlow is less friendly to them than the loose dogs, so she was extra annoying today.

The photo below left is the peaceful moment between my deep breaths to maintain my patience with her excessive leash-pulling. Most dogs want to sniff stuff, it’s true. Take a moment to gather some info. Harlow? She must take sudden, aggressive ninety degree turns toward a smell which she then needs to jam her snout into, stand strong and unmoving like a mountain, and do extensive research on. {sigh}

Below is a video I made using an app called One Second a Day. It’s not really every day because sometimes I’d forget but also it would be boring.

Happy New Year!

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