Day Two of My Self-Caused Captivity

So curiously, the biggest physical pain I am dealing with is in my armpits and the palms of my hands from the crutches. Getting around is challenging because my injury is non-weight-bearing so my right leg, armpits and hands are taking all my weight.

Last night on the phone Libby reminded me that friends like to be helpful and feel needed. I know she’s right. My friends are kind and helpful people, as are my family members, but in the moment when they ask, it’s almost hard to think of ways they can help.

Last night I remembered there’s such a thing as a knee scooter, so I went online to the FB group called Everything’s Free Medford, and asked if someone had one I could borrow. A local woman kindly offered to loan hers to me!

People are nice.

So I sent out a text to my friends asking for help. Ben took up the call, went and retrieved the scooter, brought it over and assembled it for me. The kind person who let me borrow it will get it back with something fresh-baked when the time comes.

I contacted all my freelance senior session clients and informed them of the situation, offering them alternate dates, and a list of other photographers to consider for their sessions if they didn’t want to reschedule with me. I had to accept that even if I’m healed in a month, I wouldn’t likely have the stamina to walk for 90 minutes with cameras gear. I am trying hard to simply accept that situation and move forward, but I am very sad to not have those sessions to enjoy this year.

I attended a photo department meeting where we strategized a bit for the current scenario. I got a workers compensation case number and scheduled an ortho appointment for Monday morning. A coleague called me in the afternoon saying “I’m going to ruin the surprise but..” and proceeded to tell me that my BU Today colleagues were sending me some food tonight and she wanted to know if I have any food restrictions. It was such a kind gesture.

I also got creative and started using my rolling office chair when on the second floor, rather than the crutches. Much easier!

I bought myself a shower chair which arrived tonight and comically, it was left by the amazon delivery person halfway up my steps. Usually they leave my packages by the door, but not today! I made my way to the steps, sat down with a thud and gracelessly thumped my way down step by step to the boxes and got them back into the house.

Then the food delivery person did the EXACT SAME THING fifteen minutes later! Who does that!? Who leaves a food order halfway up the steps?! So off I went to thump back down the stairs to get the food.

I was super mad about it at the time but now I think it’s funny.

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