This past weekend was a really nice one, despite my current lack of mobility. For many in my area, the weekend continued Monday with Patriot’s Day, but for me, no. I had a few zoom meetings with people in other parts of the country who don’t know what Patriot’s Day is.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Meg was going to come visit and I’d set-up all kinds of fun things for us to do. When I broke my foot, she said she was coming anyway, to do some cooking and helping.

Saturday morning I showered for the first time since Wednesday. It wasn’t actually too difficult. It just required me to go slow and think through my movements so I didn’t fall or slip. It felt great to know I could do this myself, and to have washed hair!

Meg arrived in early afternoon loaded up with groceries, and it was so incredibly great to have her company. We talked and talked and laughed about lots and grumbled about lots too, as one does with a close friend.

She did so much; retrieved my stool and porch swing cushions from the basement so I could hang out outside, took care of my recycling, kitchen trash, and some of my shopping returns. She vacuumed (which was annoying to me considering I’d let the house REALLY go with intentions of vacuuming it sparkly right before she came), she watered my plants, cleaned the dishes and emptied the dishwasher. She did a load of laundry for me, she helped me organize my fridge a bit and made a quiche which we ate some of and stored the rest for eating later. And she also helped me reorganize some of my clothes in my closet so I can reach them easier for the duration.

In the evening we enjoyed a taco night and some ice ream while watching some episodes of the charming and funny show, Ted Lasso.

Harlow got some walks too, and Meg showed me some modified stretches I can do in place of the usual ones I do regularly to keep my back loose. Right before she left, she removed the plastic from my windows and tried to retape my shades which, yes, are attached with double sided tape. One side occasionally comes loose.

It was a very productive weekend thanks to her, and even more I was grateful for her good company and for making me feel cared for.

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