Swinging Into Disappointment

Two Christmases ago I bought Dad a Wynton Marsalis album. Because it was to be delivered to him digitally, I made him a little card to let him know about it and give him something to open. Unfortunately the card accidentally gave the impression that I had bought us tickets to go see Marsalis in concert!

I felt terrible.

As this past Christmas approached I looked for outings to go on. The pandemic left us all a bit more apt to stay in, and I want to try and experience things as much as possible. Wynton Marsalis was coming to Boston on April 21! I was very excited to buy us tickets and even more excited to give them to him.

The date of this outing approached and I broke my foot. As it turns out it is thankfully, to over-simplify, it’s more like a crack. So uninteresting that the orthopedist I saw seemed to have very little interest in my boring case. Too bad for him, good news for me.

In preparation for tonight and the fact that I’m moving with a walking boot an crutches, I came up with a plan for us to simply Uber everywhere we needed to go. To the restaurant I made a reservation at, to Boston Symphony Hall, then back home.

Dad and I were both really looking forward to our plans tonight. This afternoon I got a call from a Boston number I didn’t recognize. Inundated with spam calls lately, I sent it to voicemail. When I started to listen to the voicemail, I almost deleted it without listening.

I’m glad I didn’t because the evening would have been REALLY horrible rather than just the huge disappointment it is now.

The voicemail left on my phone was from Symphony Hall informing me that “due to illness, tonight’s Celebrity Series Wynton Marsalis concert has been canceled”

No rescheduling. Just canceled! I will tell you I was gobsmacked at this news. GOBSMACKED! I’ve had some bad luck lately but this is just ridiculous! I am of course sad that Marsalis (I’m guessing, because stand-in band musicians can always step in) is sick. But also, this really sucks.

I called Dad and listened while the reality set in for him as it did for me. The incredible disappointment of a situation that was no one’s fault.

We plan on keeping an eye out for some other jazz concert we could go check out in the coming months, but for now I’m just going to mope for a bit.

I guess this entry doesn’t have much of a point. Enjoy and appreciate the outings that work out, I guess?

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