Pick Me

Today was our monthly UPAA board meeting. As the vice president I stood in for the president who had a scheduling conflict.

We went through the items on the agenda, one of which was discussion about the upcoming election. There are eight members on the board and every year, two spots rotate out and the members vote for the spots. If an existing board member wants to stay on, they have to run again.

Leading the meeting, I asked “I know (our treasurer) is retiring from the board, who’s the other seat up for election?”

Comically, they all reporter to me in unison “Yours!”

I laughed out loud at my complete lack of awareness of the fact that my four year term was ending. Technically my term is something like three years and three months, because I was brought on after another board member had to bow out partway into his term.

Right before we signed off from the meeting, the secretary reminded me that I needed to submit to him my photo and nomination write up for re-election, “You have homework to do!”

I got off the zoom and knew I needed to get the paragraph done then and there, rather than mull over it and let it hang over my head. What did I want to say? What have I accomplished while on the board? What more can I contribute? It didn’t feel right to list ways I feel I’ve contributed, and I texted fellow board member and friend Amanda, and said “I don’t know what to write! Her response got the ball rolling, and I’ll share it here because it’s I’m actually kinda proud of it. And it’s words and this is where I put words;

When I mentioned to board member and dare I say, friend, Amanda P that I didn’t know what to write for this nomination paragraph, she said “You have kept us all sane with your amazing sense of humor”. If that very high compliment was etched into my tombstone someday, I’d be happy. Although I’m not totally sure if I’d be happy because I’d also be dead and I don’t know how that works. And also I plan on being cremated and not having a tombstone because I don’t want to take up space, but none of that is appropriate discussion for a nomination paragraph anyway.

It has been an honor and a privilege to be a UPAA Board member as the DEI Chair and VP. I have learned a ton and hopefully contributed some as well in my efforts to be a voice for the membership. The members of this organization never cease to amaze me with their willingness to “share notes”, be a kind ear to one another, and teach each other. I wish everyone had the good fortune to be in such an organization!

I hope you’ll grant me the opportunity to continue to represent this exceptional group of humans.

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